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Asahi purchasing E. EU brands from AB

I thought this was odd. Then I realized they have to do it to get approval to merge with Miller. I guess due to concerns of monopoly.

Also while deciding where to post this I saw a category called “the Lounge”? For users of trust level 3 or higher? WT? Had no idea it existed.

Wait this post is in general. Wouldn’t they let you in. I don’t know how but I got in. Maybe you can get @loopie_beer to vouch for you. I remember reading that was part of the in Bev deal

Huh… I remember seeing the lounge at one point, but there wasn’t anything happening in there. I don’t have it now. Anyway, yeah, this news isn’t terribly surprising. So much wheeling and dealing, I suspect part of it is just to keep us on our toes about what we should feel good about drinking and what we’re not supposed to be buying.

No I got in but based on the description of the catergory I figred more people would have access to it here.

I think this one is more about making their Miller deal happen. Otherwise it’s just about profit. They don’t care how we feel. Just where we spend our money.

Personally I haven’t kept up well enough to know when I might be ordering one of their ‘craft beer’ products. I don’t go out for beer much anyway. Having said that I’ll buy Urquell if the devil himself acquires the brand. I may have to reconsider if Trump buys them though…


I saw that too…so i did something about it :grin:

What? Sneezles61

Posted a topic :grinning:

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I guess I’m less trustworthy, as I no longer have the lounge… I must have questioned the graininess of Breiss one too many times.


I can get any one in… for a kickback of course.

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Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! I’m thinking too many snarky comments on my part. :laughing:

My sexiness keeps me in indefinitely.

Wait a minute, I’ll see ifn I can git in… Loopie, no shenanigans now… Sneezles61

Less than a minute… I knocked but no one was in there…:disappointed: Sneezles61

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