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Asahi Black Extract Recipe?

I’m on the hunt for an extract recipe for Asahi Black.
Anyone have a suggestion? So far all the books I own are letting me down.

I love that beer, here’s all I got from

“Since its release in 1995, Asahi Kuronama has become Japan’s favorite dark beer with its rich aroma and subtle sweetness. It is made from three types of dark roasted malt that each gives a different characteristic flavor according to how it is roasted and toasted. “Dark malt” produces the distinct fragrance of dark beer. “Crystal malt”imparts a delicate sweetness, and “Munich malt” adds a fullness of taste. The exquisite blend of these three types of malt maximizes the goodness of each and creates Asahi Kuronama’s distinct richness and smoothness.”

It is a lager(schwarzbier?) And I think they use some corn and rice in it as well. I’d guess Carafa II, chocolate and ? for the dark malts.

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