Ares' Bière de Mars - Not sure if mine is correct?

Made a extract Ares’ Bière de Mars. 2+ weeks in primary - I think 3 in the secondary and now in my keg.

I have never had this one before but I feel like it is not right- I mean I just feel like it tastes a bit wierd - maybe that is how it supposed to taste I don’t know - can’t place it. What has me is the color seems much darker than what I see on the site for this kit. It is not black but it is dark and it is super cloudy…

Is this normal?

Extract beers are usually a little darker. I’ve not brewed this beer, so I don’t know what it’s taste/color is supposed to be. Can you describe the off flavor?

I wish I could - It just is off- I will give it a few days and try again to give you a better explanation of what I taste

It’s a saison, is it not? Saisons are funky ester-y beers due to the yeast. That could be what you are tasting. If you think that may be it, go buy a saison from a craft brewery and compare. They are different creatures, these saisons, but I LOVE them!!!

I have this one in the primary on week 2 right now. I have high hopes for it. Do fallow up with the taste as it ages please.

BTW, what did your OG reading come out as? Mine was a bit lower then advertised

So I have to say this has aged well. IT is becoming one of my fav. I just needed to give it some additional time. :cheers: