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Are you brewing today?

What are you brewing today? It has been a few months since I brewed
last so today I’m doing a Pale Ale and an Imperial Stout and hope to do
a Nut Brown and an Irish red next weekend. Cheers

No brewing, but I am trying a little experiment. I have a batch of Innkeeper I am transferring to a keg that I am going to use in an attempt at serving the beer as a “cask conditioned ale” in a few weeks at a party. Probably save some of the yeast and whip up another batch of the innkeeper on tuesday or wednesday.

Sounds like you got a nice bunch of beers lined up - should be perfect to take you into the fall and cooler weather.

Not today, too nice a day so we are going out on the boat. Wednesday looks like the best brew day this week so I am thinking about an IPA.

Just got two sacks of two row and two pounds of hops so I am loaded for bear now!

I’m not brewing, but I am bottling my Speckled Heifer, and racking my blackberry mead to tertiary. Will brew next weekend.

Brewed an all Vienna blonde ale Friday. I’ll try to brew my Oktoberfest ale next weekend, but I sense I will have trouble finding time to brew… :frowning:

Nope. Just brewed a batch of all Citra American wheat yesterday. It was great to get back at it after a month off.

Brewing up an AG Hefeweizen today:

5.5 gal batch

6 lbs of Weyermann Pale Wheat
2.5 lbs of German Pilsner
.5 lb of Carapils
.3 lb of Acidulated Malt

.6 oz of Hallertauer 4.3% AA at 60 mins

90 min boil

80 degrees and sunny here. Not a bad brew day so far!

No brewin this weekend…hope to rack my Oktoberfest to a secondary next weekend…it’s been slowly fermenting for over a week at 50 degrees and still goin’…not goin to rush it though…if it ain’t ready next weekend then I guess I will have to brew something…maybe a holiday spiced ale or a pumpkin ale…hard to believe its about that time!



I’ve got the house to myself and I’m thinking of brewing a stout this evening. I have to rack an APA off a yeast cake first, though, so it might depend on how organized I can get.

Brewing an AG Pliny the Elder clone right now.

Brewing a brown ale today. It’s 95 F outside :slight_smile: About 15 minutes left in the mash.

Brewed 12 gallons ag of Denny’s Wry Smile. Can’t wait for this one to be ready.

brewed my christmas ale today. made it to give to my tailgate crew about thanksgiving when Great Lakes Christmas Ale comes out.

Brewed two batches today and now I’m exhausted: Patersbier and Petite Sasion, both of which will be served at my wedding along with another batch of Patersbier and some local craft stuff.

Two all-grain batches in one day is a hell of a lot of work, I really need to go through the forum and look for some time saving tips. I started around noon and finished around 7:30pm (that includes cleaning everything too).

I brewed a batch of Patersbier today - excited to try this beer after all the hype! A buddy of mine sat in and videotaped the process too, so that was cool. He’s brewed a bunch of wine but never beer. Always good to initiate another brewer! :cheers:

No brewing, but cleaned my taps, QDs, and miss. attachments. Just waiting for some new bev. lines to arrive so I can tap an APA and saison.

Its been so hot here that even late night brewing has been miserable. From the looks of the forcast its going to be 100+ for a while. :frowning:

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