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Ardennes was a quiet beast

Just finished week one of fermentation on a belgian strong ale with the Ardennes yeast. Fermented at 80* ambient in a better bottle (5 gallon batch). Under pitched with one pack of yeast and no starter. Mixed in yeast nutrient at 2 days and 5 days. Started at 1.081 and is now at 1.005 and still a small amount of bubbling. The sample tasted good, a little hot (not surprisingly-it’s almost 10% and green), and just the slightest hint of banana (which I wasn’t expecting but don’t mind at all). But the fermentation was incredibly low key: I used a blowoff tube but never got more than a steady stream of very small bubbles. The krausen was big but didn’t reach the bottom of my S airlock (6-1/2 gallon bubbler). With the slow but steady showing I was floored at the sg reading. Not a bit of off flavors detectable. Just throwing this out there to see if my surprise is justified or if that’s what I should have expected.
Gonna leave this one in primary till next saturday then go to secondary so I can use the cake for another belgian.

Thanks for any feedback,


I have a Belgian with Ardennes in it going now I’ll let you know

Did you under pitch or use a starter?

I just pitched it. Mines 3 gallons which calculatde to be a bit under. Not as much under as yours. It’s mostly been in the low 80s . I’ll report back

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