April fools prank gone too far

A few weeks ago my 18 year old dishwasher burned-out overnight. There was a nasty burning electric smell, and the drain dumped a few gallons of water all over the kitchen floor. There really wasn’t a thought to getting it fixed. You really don’t know how much you depend on a major appliance until it dies.

So here’s the April Fools prank, the wife and I told the kids (both teens) that hand-washing all the dishes didn’t seem so bad. Which is really a jerk-move since they have been doing most of the dishes since the machine burned out. We told them that instead of a new dishwasher, we were putting in a built-in under counter kegerator for the homebrew. A lie, the new dishwasher we wanted was just on back order.

Well the new back order dishwasher finally came in and I really have no idea how to maximize the humor of delivering the news that they’ve been punked. At dinner tonight I even got a bit of a dressing down from the daughter about how selfish the kegerator versus dishwasher decision was. Getting lectured on selfishness is hysterically ironic coming from 16-yo girl.

Any thoughts?

That was selfish, you should have got the kegerator.

Get some sort of suction cup that you can attach a tap to, and stick it on the front.

My parents didn’t get a dishwasher (or microwave) until we moved out in 1990.

If they had a kegerator, I probably wouldn’t have left. :cheers:

When the new dishwasher comes tell them it can only be used once a week. You want this one to last longer than the last one did.