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Apricot Blonde bottle conditioning question

I followed the instructions for the Dry Dock Apricot blonde extract kit to the letter. Tonight was the two week mark for bottle conditioning, which is what the recipe calls for, therefore I chilled a bottle and cracked it open. The color and clarity were both great and the flavor was awesome, however there was little to no head and only slight carbonation. I read elsewhere that sometimes the yeast may settle, so I turned the bottles over to see if that would help. I’m going to give them another week and try again, but a little worried. Anyone else experience similar issues with bottle conditioning? This was my first blonde ale and ghost using fruit. Any comments or suggestions would be great!

There are many reasons why a beer might not carbonate, but as far as I am aware, none of them are specific to fruit beers.

The first thing that comes to mind is that some beers just take longer, based on many factors. Two weeks might not be enough time.

One of those factors could be storage temperature. Around 70F is ideal for bottle conditioning. If you’ve stored the bottles colder, it will take longer. If they have been in the fridge, they won’t carbonate at all.

Poorly mixed priming sugar could be a factor. If the priming sugar isn’t mixed well into the beer before bottling, then some bottles may be flat while others could build up enough pressure to explode.

The last item has to do with ingredients. If you add an ingredient that has a high level of preservatives, it could slow or even prevent the yeast from carbonating the bottles. If you used apricot that was supplied in a kit, I don’t think this is the problem though.

Give it some more time.

They probably just need an extra 4-5 days of conditioning. You’re fine! No worries.

Agree with the above, 2 weeks is kind of short. Depending on the temp, it could take longer.

I’d say give it another week or two and try one out then. If they are stored in lower than like 70 degree temps, find somewhere with some warmth maybe (not heat, don’t get them too hot).

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