Apple Brandy Barrel


I have a 15gal Apple Brandy Barrel and I am looking for suggestion for a beer to make and age in this barrel. I have read that Imperial Stouts and Cream Ales have been used. I would like to do a beer that is fitting for Spring or Summer drinking.

Don C.

Captain Lawrence makes a beer called “golden delicious” which is tripel aged in apple brandy barrels. The beer is top-notch. I’d do something like that if I were you. Cream Ale? no thanks.

I believe I am going to follow a recommendation for a Begium Tripple, using 80% belgium pils and 20% sugar (Golden or Simplicity from and age this is the Apple Brandy barrel for up to 4 months.

any additional thoughts on this?

Don C.

I am thinking a belgian strong golden ale would be the one to try. Just my intuition. I don’t have any experience with apple brandy barrels. My thought is that trippel has so many complex flavors already, the apple brandy oak would get more muddled.

I’d be curious to hear how it comes out.


A Belgian Golden Strong and a Tripel are almost the same thing. I don’t think you could go wrong either way.