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Apple and Pear flavors

I’m trying to create a Belgian type session beer that has some apple and pear fruitiness to it. I searched around on the forums a bit and came up with WLP 530 and Wyeast 3787 or 1214 yeasts. Does anyone have other suggestions of a belgian yeast that would bring those flavors out? Thanks

I’ve found Calypso hops add a nice pear/apple aroma with late additions.

WLP 570 (Duvel) has a nice pear

I get pear from WYEAST 1388

I can’t get that and I’ve used them at various times in the boil and dry hopped. What does your hop schedule look like to get that?

Thanks for the responses. One question though, aren’t WLP570 and Wyeast 1388 basically the same yeast strain (Duvel)?

3522 adds some nice fruit (and spice) flavors. I’ve used 3787 a few times and never got a lot of that ‘Belgian’ yeast flavor from it. I’ve always fermented towards the cooler side with 3787 so maybe the flavors have been subdued, but I just wouldn’t suggest it if you’re looking for apple/pear flavors.

[quote=“BrewingRover”]What does your hop schedule look like to get that?[/quote]Last time I used Calypso it was in a simple Saison (Pils, Vienna, Jaggery) with Mt. Hood for bittering and Calypso for DH, fermented with 3522. I didn’t prompt my wife for what to expect, just handed her the glass and asked for a first impression of aroma only, and she said “ripe pears”, which was exactly what I was getting. Beer was brewed in fall 2011 with 2010 pellets @ 12.8 AA% and it might be crop dependent (haven’t bought any 2011 pellets).

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Interesting. I may try them just at flameout and dry hop next go round.


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