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Apfelwein question

Hi all, I have a few questions about making an apfelwein and was looking for anyone with experience in making this. I’m following edworts apfelwein recipe only I bought a while labs cider liquid yeast instead of using the dry wine yeast in the recipe. Will this change the overall outcome of the cider? Will I still be able to bottle it or would you recommend kegging this type of beverage? I’m also assuming this yeast will be more aggressive then the dry yeast and will be using a 6.5 gallon carboy instead of the recommended 5 in the recipe. Thanks guys

Wine yeast will finish lower, thus, more alcohol, less apple sweet flavor, if any at all. Now it depends about bottling or kegging… Are you looking for still or sparkling cider? You can get both either way… I like kegging and sparkling cider… Sneezles61

Ok I’m not sure what kind of carbonation I’m looking for quite yet. What would happen if I added both the cider liquid yeast and a packet of dry wine yeast?

The wine yeast would keep on fermenting down to a lower FG… Sneezles61

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Ok and it’s perfectly fine to add both of them at the same time or will it produce some off flavors? I was going to just let it sit for 5 weeks or so and then take a reading. The only reason I even consider using the liquid yeast is because I bought it and won’t use it for anything else. I could perhaps use it on a smaller batch of cider with cranberry concentrate or something just for fun. Thoughts on this sneezles? Thanks for replying

If you have 2 fermenters, split it in half, and use the different yeasts’ in each one… you can taste each one to see whats whats… You can blend, you can try to add different stuff to see what you like or don’t… Just dare to let your taste buds tell what they like!! Sneezles61

There’s really no need to add both. The wine yeast will dry the cider out substantially. Your cider yeast will leave a some residual sweetness, albeit very little.

Do you prefer a dry cider, balanced cider, or sweet cider? This will also influence your carbonation methods.

I would use the wine yeast on wine or the cranberry concentrate. Of course as @sneezles61 said you could do a double batch and blend to your liking.

I was mostly looking to follow the recipe and end up with the highest possible ABV but I’m just working with what k have available to me at the moment. I’m not very experienced with cider. I’m so like carbonation.

Any idea of what the range of an original gravity might be for this recipe? It’s 5 gallons of Apple juice with 2 lbs of corn sugar. Thanks for the responses guys

You should be mid 60’s… That much extra fermentable will take alot of the apple away from your cider… You may need to add some after the ferment is complete… You’d use some store apple concentrate, which has preservatives, to halt fermentation… Flavor to taste, then keg… If it was mine, I’d use just the apple juice… no nothing… leave it as simple as possible… Sneezles61

If you want to get the gravity down use champagne yeast

Thanks guys. Ended up using a champagne dry yeast for the apfelwein and I put a gallon of treetop Apple juice on top of about a lb of frozen blackberries I picked early this year. I pitched half of the liquid white lab wlp775 cider yeast onto that as more of an experiment so we will see how it ends up. Thanks for the help and your replies

I like the idea your trying different variations… Thats where I learn alot! Don’t forget to take notes, both of the process and tasting. Sneezles61

Thanks sneezles61. It’s starting to get cold here in the Pacific northwest so it’s time for a little heat in the closet. I started my first yeast starter yesterday and I think it’s a little cold. Not much action happening

What yeast? Did you oxygenate the starter? Was it in a stir plate?

Ive got some yeast going as I will brew today… When I go by it, I will shake the living bejesus into it! Opener of fire arms deer hunting here in Mn. and I’ve a collection of 6 in my backyard… They’re safe, and waiting for spent grist!! Sneezles61

Its white labs Saison yeast. I shake it by hand every chance I get don’t have a stir plate is way if oxygsnatinf just yet

I used to use oxygen… No more and my brews are fine… I just like the shaken method… Thats works well for me too! Keep it simple… Sneezles61

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Has it started yet? Likely just a little cold for that strain. Don’t buy a stir plate, waste of money… unless you want to buy mine???

Read into shaken not stirred starters.

I keep shaking it. It’s bubbling from the bottom but hasn’t taken off like my beers do. Should I wait to make the beer until the starter has reached high krausen or just make it and dump her in?

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