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APA or IPA, I dunno just really d@mn good

I don’t typically post recipes because I find that I am more of the type to learn from others brewing experience as opposed to throwing mine out there. But this one is really good. I’m not sure if it fits more into a pale ale or IPA. It’s darker and maltier than most IPAs I make. But it’s not sweet. At all. And it’s not overpowering on the aroma or hop flavor department, because there is a really strong malt character. It’s really not the typical west coast IPA, it’s more like Surly Furious (where I started with the grain bill, with some minor personal modifications) but in my opinion it;s better than Furious.

Brewer’s note: I ran off a total of 8 gal, took 1gal from kettle before adding the FWH and boiled that 1 gal down to <0.25 gal for added caramelization, and then added that back to the kettle. Not sure how much difference this made, but I’m sure as heck gonna repeat it.

I honestly cannot think of any changes I will make. Which is rare for me.

5.70 gal
1.060 SG
80.5 IBUs
Est Mash Efficiency: 83.7 %
Est Total Brewhouse Efficiency: 74.00 %

5 lbs 8.0 oz Golden Promise 43.8 %
5 lbs 8.0 oz 2 Row 43.8 %
12.0 oz C-80 6.0 %
8.0 oz Aromatic Malt (26.0 SRM) 4.0 %
4.0 oz C-40 2.0 %
1.0 oz Roasted Barley 0.5 %

0.60 oz Centennial [10.60 %] - First Wort 11.6 IBUs
0.40 oz Columbus [16.30 %] - First Wort 11.9 IBUs
0.50 oz Columbus [16.30 %] - 60 min 24.4 IBUs
1.50 oz Centennial [10.60 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 30.0 min Hop 10 18.3 IBUs
0.75 oz Columbus (Tomahawk) [16.60 %] - Steep/Whirlpool 30.0 min Hop 11 14.3 IBUs

2.50 oz Centennial - Dry Hop 4.0 Days Hop
1.25 oz Columbus - Dry Hop 4.0 Days

British Ale II (Wyeast 1335)

[quote=“Steeler D”]…I honestly cannot think of any changes I will make. Which is rare for me.

I’m not sure what your dilemma is!
If you liked the way it turned out, it seems to me that there’s no need to change anything…and really, the reality is that no one else’s opinion even matters.

Well there’s no delima. It’s just that I usually find minor issues with recipes that lead to tinkering and changing. This one I think will just be repeated as is. That’s all.

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