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Anything similar to Tap-a-Draft?

I am getting tired of bottling and can’t afford a decent draft system yet so I am looking for something similar to tap-a-draft. NB said they aren’t going to sell the system anymore due to design flaws and pointed out a similar system on their sister site, midwestsupplies, but it cost twice as much and you eventually have to replace the “kegs” that do come with it. I could buy tap-a-draft from another site but has anyone had any luck with a similar system or something I could use till I can afford a real keg system?

I’ve never used it, but there’s a (relatively) new system called the Beer Box. For about $200

I have a tap-a-draft. Its okay. If anything, I get too much foam out of it. There are many similar systems out there, so google is your friend. Or suck it up, save for a bit, and keg. Any of these systems are a bit limited.

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I might look into that. Tap-a-draft is under $100 so that is a huge plus. $200 is almost half way to a cheap draft system so I would just save up at that price.

Here’s a thread I started on using Tap-A-Draft bottles with my own DIY tap design. It’s been working very well for me. The tap is simple, cheap, and really nothing to break or maintain. Uses a regular CO2 source instead of expensive little metal cartridges (see note below for another option).


I get the jugs and molded caps (these are solid plastic with an o-ring, seal well and appear very robust) direct from the mfg, good prices and cheap shipping.

Details are in that thread, so I won’t repeat here. Since then, I’ve mounted 6 taps on a sterlite 28Qt plastic ‘tray’ with a drip pan, so I can just slide the whole thing in/out of the shelf on my basement fridge to make it easy to swap out a jug w/o rearranging everything on the shelf.

NOTE: I’m also working to document a cheap Paint Ball tank adapter to provide CO2 for dispensing. I built it just to prove to myself it can be done, I already have a 10# tank and regulator, so I have not used it much. But it might come in handy for portable use, and it’s a cheap way to get started if you don’t want to invest in a tank and regulator.


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