Anyone used the HopShot yet?

Just thinking out loud so bear with me here. I’m one of “those” guys that dislikes a hoppy beer so I was wondering if you could simply add the HopShot at the end of the boil and not add any other hops? That would give you about 10 IBUs in a 5 gal batch according to the description. The good thing here is it would cut down on a lot of the trub from the hops as well.

Yeah, I like to add them to my coffee. Not bad once you get past the burn.

J/K, they’re supposed to be interchangeable with hops, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You’ll get similar character to the hops from which they were made (I heard somewhere Columbus? Don’t quote me on that). Only issue might be getting it to dissolve, but maybe you could dissolve it in some warm water before adding it? Give it a try!