Anyone Used Bry-97 Yet?

My LHBS was fresh out of US-05 and recommended the Danstar Bry-97 as pretty much an identical alternative.

I’ve got two buckets in the swamp cooler of my basement in the low 60s. Been over 48 hours and no noticeable airlock activity.

I know, I know, airlock a are not a good measure of accurate fermentation. I’m just used to US05 chugging along nicely by now. So I cracked the lid on one and took a look inside. Didn’t see any noticeable krausen, but a few little yeasty looking globs floating on the top and a heavy yeast aroma.

My research online told me that rhe Bry is best at 63-73 whereas the 05 is good from 59-75. wondering of perhaps I am a degree or two low and the fermentation is just taking longer to get going.

Not much I can really do except wait the typical two weeks and bottle them up.

Just wondering if anyone has used the Bry 97 and what their experience was like?

Nope, but here’s some info: ... nt-396773/


Used it in 3 separate, but similar batches last fall.

Fermented in the mid 60’s. SLOW TO START!

Finished where I expected it to go. All APA’s.

I like US-05 better. Probably won’t be reusing it.

Mostly personal preference on the flavor. Agreed with the muted hoppiness.

Good Luck

Thanks for the feedback. This is being uses in an intentionally un-hoppy beer, so it should be okay.

Used Saaz hops…hopefully the slight spiciness from those won’t get muted out. :?

I haven’t really thought of US05 as being an especially fast starter either. I’ve often waited nearly 48hr to see signs of activity.