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Anyone use the Millar's B3 Barley Mill?

Saw this mill on a web search. Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks.

$200 makes it kind of pricey but I do like the large hopper. The bucket is a nice touch but most of us have a spare one around. It’s nice looking too. I would also like feedback from someone that has one.

Sticking with my JSP though.


I bought this mill a few months ago. I have been playing with the gap setting. the numbers on the side are kinda useless. I have it at about 1.5 right now. I have had issues with efficiency since i started milling my own grain, but its been a temp thing. The mill works great. I hook a dewalt 18V drill to and set it to low speed. Mills like a champ.


Thank you.

I bought a cereal killer and its crushing it :slight_smile:

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