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Anyone use a chiller like Jaded Cyclone CFC?

Used mine for the first time on a small 3 gallon BIAB batch. It’s recommended to recirculate with it unlike the larger chiller with a few more tubes. I tried it without recirculating and worked but didn’t get it near cold enough for pitching. It didn’t help that our ground water wasn’t super cold either.

I had the hose water on full running in from the bottom and out through the top. The wort was going in at the top and out the bottom. I had a hard time getting good flow through it. I’m wondering if the 1/2 copper wasn’t filled fully with the wort as it went through leaving air pockets and less surface contact with the cooling surface.

If I added a re circulation pump to the mix would it go in front of the chiller or at the end to pump the wort back into the kettle? If it was after the chiller I would think it would be hard to prime but I’m not sure how much pressure the slipped on silicone hoses would take with the pressure before the chiller.

Which pump would be recommended for re circulation and what kind of valving and hardware would be recommended for a whirpool arm?

That is a nice chiller. I use a pump, but I have a manifold where I can direct the wort to 2 exits… 1 of the exit is a purpose/dedicated whirlpool. Its down near the bottom, with an elbow in the kettle. It is used almost constantly. As the water is heating up, mashing, to the boil. The other is a long hose. That is what I can recirc through the gist when in mashing mode, or, it plugs into my home made CFC. There are many pumps out there. I don’t know of any one with the newer Blichmann pump. That seems to be a well built pump. You can use a valve after the pump to slow down the wort… If a pump is full of fluid, but restrict the output via valve, (called cavatating) you may be able to chill it down further. There are some cleaver whirlpool arms on the internet. I think you should be able to fashion something with some Stainless Steel pipe and fittings… Sneezles61

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