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Anyone sick of Pumkin posts yet?

Well here is another.

1 large pie pumpkin (rubbed with ½ cup brown sugar and roasted)
1 15oz can of Libby’s pumpkin pie mix
4lbs 2 –row
¼ lb. caramunich
3.5 pounds pilsner syrup
1 oz. hallertau -60 min
½ - hallertau – 20 min
5 – min
½ t. vanilla extract
½ t. nutmeg
½ t. cinnamon
1 t. grated ginger
1 t. Irish moss

Mash in grain and all pumpkin at 155ish for 50 min
Ferment 2 weeks
Secondary 2 weeks
Bottle (late for Halloween but will be drinking nice for a family thanksgiving)

Until you added the spices, it looked good to me! :wink:

Not to mention the pumpkin…
(sorry…just teasing…I couldn’t resist)

The pumpkin pie mix does already contain some spices, so make sure you aren’t doubling up on anything (unless you intend to).

Good point!! thanks!!

So I just got this in the bottle on Monday and I think it will be a real winner! I ended up roasting two pie pumpkins for it but that was the only deviation.

Finished up at 1.012 (expected to be a little high with the pumpkin in there0 and had a nice smooth pumping pie aroma but tasted more like a easy drinking ale with only a slight bit of pumpkin and spice.

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