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Anyone Read the Hops book?

Curious about what is says on keg hopping. I seem to recall that dry hopping does way more with the yeast dropped, and I also seem to recall dry hopping doing more at 60-70* temps, but don’t have any definitive evidence.

Following Stan’s article in the May/June 2013 issue of Zymurgy, I compared dry hops with the beer removed from the yeast with dry hops with the beer still on the yeast. I found that the beer with yeast had a very different, more flowery dry hop character that I didn’t care for.

As to temp, there is a wide variety of opinions. a recent study at Barth-Haas, the world’s largest hop wholesaler, points to a temp of around 35F being best for dry hopping. That’s opposed to commercial brewers who have said room temp works best. At this point, I’m experimenting to decide for myself.

Wow thats great info, thanks Denny. I have a Heady clone that is on tap right now that we did not floc properly (with Conan it takes some doin’), so there is a good bit of yeast still in suspension, which I’m feeling is detracting from the hop flavor.

I added gelatin, which may strip out some hop aroma/flavor (though this also seems to be widely disputed), so to add some back, I may consider adding another bag of hops to the keg during serving to boost the aroma.

I have dry hopped cold and warm (never side by side) but i did notice on the cold (already carbed) beer it took a week to fully get the flavor/aroma.

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