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Anyone looking for well cared for equipment?

I was a member here for many years. Almost everything I know about brewing, I learned from the members of this forum. From my 1st extract brew, which was a cream ale kit, to building equipment, and graduating to all grain. brewing. I’ve made some amazingly tasty beverages over the last 15 years. About a year ago, with a divorce under my belt, and the changes that accompany a nasty divorce,…I realized that my brewing equipment was grossly under utilized, and the time I used to have to devote to the craft has been replaced with a different set of priorities. That being said, I’m hoping this wonderful community of brewers can help me put my equipment into the hands of someone that will put it to good use.

I have 3 glass carboys, (2 - 5 gal. & 1 - 6 gal) the Ale Pail system, hydrometer, thermometers, carboy caps, carboy handles, racking canes, brushes, bottle fillers, siphon starters, bottle caps, a capper, racking cane clips, air locks, stoppers and bungs, a copper wort chiller, a JSP Malt Mill, a bottle drying tree, a 10 gallon brew kettle with thermometer and spigot, a johnson controls fridge temp controller, a wooden mash paddle, and about 72 plain brown bottles, as well as some grolsch swing tops. I also have a case of vintage pabst 7oz. bottles. Oh, and I also have books…The new complete joy of homebrewing, The homebrewer’s recipe guide, The complete beginner’s guidebook, and Clone Brews.

Im willing to ship the smaller stuff, if you’re interested, and am also willing to wheel and deal on prices depending on what you want. I live in Milwaukee WI, if local pickup would be an option.

I hate to see it go, but I don’t use it. So if you know of someone that is just getting started, or needs equipment, please send them my way. I’m also happy to supply pics of the equipment if needed.

I’m sorry to hear of your demise… Lets hope someone see this and can help it brew again… Sneezles61

I too hate to see this. Anyway you can make brewing work so you don’t have to sell your equipment?

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