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Anyone know where to get a good portable dispenser?

I currently keg in 2.5 G corni’s (ball lock) and I would like to get/make it portable on occasion. I have seen the kits on Zon but they got a real low rating but that’s what I think I want - - a pocket size C02 cartridge and a short tube with a tap. any recommendations?

I am sure our host has some options: ... arger.html

Also here:

Look into getting a paint ball C02 tank, about 20 oz and an adapter so you can hook your standard regulator to it. You will go broke trying to use these tiny C02 cartridges

The 20 oz paintball CO2 tanks are a better option. I started with the small injectors and switched to the 20 oz tanks on my portable for 2.5 g cornies:

I got everything I needed from Keg Connection and the 20 oz tank from a local sporting goods store. They also fill them for about $3 and you get the 5th fill free.

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