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Anyone know a welder, ferrules for kettles?

I am looking to have 1.5" tri clover ferrules welded in to the side of a couple blichman boilermakers. Anyone know a welder that can do stainless steel welding like this or experienced in this type of work?

Hoping not to ruin my blichmans :slight_smile:

It would be helpful to have your location (city/state) listed in your profile. :wink:

You could do it yourself. Here is a solder recommended in the past. ... ite-8.aspx

Duh… Milwaukee, WI.

Remember the part about not wanting to screw up my blichmans?. I want to hire an experienced professional.

I have seen some crappy welds by experienced welders. Thin SS is tough to work with, without burning it up.

Soldering is at a lower heat. Unlikely to burn up a thin pot.

Too bad your not in my area, this would be easy work for a buddy of mine.

Hoping to find someone in the Milwaukee area who has done this type of work. I am building an electric brewery in my basement and want these welds to be good ones.

thanks for any referrals!

Found this guy in Kenosha: … reek%2C+WI

Spoke with him this morning. He has experience doing this for distillers(similar work). He gave me a whole lecture on how to properly weld stainless with argon gas to prevent corrosion, etc… sounds like he knows what he is doing. has 30 years welding experience.

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