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Anyone Had Beer in Africa?

I will be going to Tanzania for three weeks next month and wanted to know if anyone has ever had beer while in Africa?

I have been well-informed to not drink water unless it comes from an unopened bottle of water or is boiled and was wondering if having the beer there would be safe to drink? I know with traditional methods of brewing the wort is boiled but I know nothing about how beer might be prepared in Africa. Also alcohol may make the beer sanitary too but I just want to avoid getting sick…

Any advice, or suggestions are appreciated; cheers!

I am no expert but from what I gather beer and alcohol are perhaps the most sanitary things you can drink. From the process to the amount of alcohol it pretty much kills most, of not all, germs and bacteria. Heck, if my history is correct all they had on ships during the period of the Mayflower and such was beer because water went bad and beer was still drinkable.

So while in Africa if you come across bottled beer from a trusted and reliable source just say cheers.

You won’t have any trouble finding beer there. I didn’t anyway. I recall seeing a bunch of SABMiller beers, and a beer labeled as Guiness that didn’t taste anything like I was used to. I was there in the 90s and remember seeing smirnoff ice, several years before I saw it anywhere else in the world.

Awesome, thank you for the replies! I will see what I can find and look forward to trying something special while I am there.

I’ve had ‘Castle Milk Stout’ from South Africa. it’s not bad

Vacationed in Seychelles a few years back and had one of the best European lagers ever there- Seybrew. Outstanding!!

But beer is very plentiful in every big city.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will just have to see what I can find while I am there.

Tusker Lager, Windhoek and Castle are popular. In Tanzania, you will see Safari, Kilimanjaro and Serengeti Lager. It seems that most African countries have a “gold lager” and a number of them seem to come in higher-than-average ABVs too… you might see beers at 6% to 8%. These are decent beers that are made in modern breweries so I would assume that they would be very safe. Expect them to look, smell and taste like a good beer you might find elsewhere and come in a standard sized (or larger) bottle with a modern label and all of that. I have also heard of banana beer and ginger beer being popular in some areas. A travel show I watched also showed how they have small “packets” of alcohol resembling a larger-than-normal ketchup packet… for the man in a hurry! :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers and enjoy the trip. Take some pics and post a “trip report” when you get back!

Alright I spent three weeks in Africa and tried a few of the beers. I tried: Kilimanjaro Lager, Tusker Lager, Castle Lager, Safari Lager, and Castle Milk Stout.

Hands down the best beer was the Castle Milk Stout and this was likely because I rarely drink lagers and found all of the lagers to taste really bland. Also every beer I tried in Tanzania used corn in it so the beers were all really light in flavor. Although I enjoyed my time in Africa, I am glad to be back home where I can find a variety of beer styles and a beer without corn on the ingredients list.


I had Tusker beer in Senegal and it was fine. And also had beers in South Africa.

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