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Anyone got a good NW Red Ale Recipe?

Im looking for something…

Hops on hand-cent, simcoe, amarillo, falconers flight, cascade, magnum, citra, ahtanum

This was my last red I brewed. You could many different hops you have to take the 60 minute addition.

Simcoe Red Ale

Recipe specifics:

Style: American Amber Ale
Batch size: 5.5 gal
Boil volume: 7.2 gal
OG: 1.055
FG: 1.014
Bitterness (IBU): 31.2
Color (SRM): 16.6
ABV: 5.4%


7.00 lb Weyermann Pale Ale Malt, 63.3%
2.50 lb Weyermann Light Munich, 22.6%
1.00 lb CaraMunich, 9.0%
0.50 lb Crystal 80L, 4.5%
0.06 lb Carafa III malt, 0.6%


0.38 oz Nugget (AA 13.9%, Pellet) 60 min, 17.6 IBU
0.50 oz Simcoe (AA 10.0%, Pellet) 20 min, 10.2 IBU
0.50 oz Simcoe (AA 10.0%, Pellet) 5 min, 3.4 IBU
1.00 oz Centennial (AA 9.0%, Pellet) 0 min, 0.0 IBU
2.00 oz Simcoe (AA 10.0%, Pellet) dry hop


California Ale yeast, 1.0 unit(s), Yeast

Recipe Notes:

Simcoe 20 min addition is actually FWH!

I just transferred one to secondary yesterday where I used Canada Malting pale malt, some Munich 10 and then 7 ounces each of Belgian Special B and Thomas Fawcett & Sons Dark Crystal #1 (which is 80-93L) and then hopped with Centennial & Simcoe to about 35 IBUs, fermented with 1272. The color and clarity during the transfer were unreal. This particular brand of British crystal is dark but also has quite a bit of red in it which pairs nicely with the Special B for an Uber-red beer. Take your Cents, Simcoe and even some Cascade and go from there. 1272 is a high floccer so your red beer will be that much clearer too. Cheers.

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