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Anyone ever have this heavy of a blow off?

this is my two hearted clone, i did Wyeast 1098 with a 1.5L starter on a stir plate.
while i’ve had some small needs for a mini blow off tube (broken racking cane with tubing off of it through the bung) i’ve never had one quite this bad, ever.

Wowzas, that’s intense. I’ve had an airlock blow to the ceiling, but never had yeast oozing out like that.

They always say “don’t fear the foam!”

That is a beauty. Me and my bro made one of our first belgians, this was about '01, and it was an Abbey of Leffe blond clone from Beer Captured. Nice recipe by the way. Anyway, no starter, 1 pack directly pitched, and then left in an 80 degree (with the A/C on!) apartment during August in Southern New England. We arrived one day to find the krausen out of the bucket, on the couch watching ESPN.

We call a crazy blowoff “coming out of the boooooooth!” Always makes for a good beer in the end!

Dang that’s a heavy flow off. Looks to be clean white yeasties flying out…did you manage to get a racking cane in there and save some of that goodness??

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