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Anyone ever entered the same beer as 2 different comp styles

Has anyone ever entered the same beer twice into a competition for a beer that might be on the edge of two styles? Is this considered bad practice for any reason?

Seems like more of a vehicle to support proving the subjective nature of judging beer. It is what it is. Big flaws are obvious. But the difference between a first and third placed beer is arbitrary, in my opinion.

I have done it in the past and it made a difference. I have a beer I brewed to be an American Amber but it is close to a American Brown in color and will enter them in both styles. I think it gives me the best chance and I might learn something. Unless the Amber entry judge says it should be a Brown and the Brown entry judge says it should be an Amber.

I have never done this myself but I know many people who have. I think it’s a fantastic idea. I might do this sometime. The only real problem I have with it personally is it costs an extra $5 to $7 for the additional entry. Otherwise I’d do it a lot.

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