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Anyone Ever Buy Anything From Birdman Brewing

Has anyone had any dealings with I was looking at their web site and they had the new Perlick 630ss faucets On their website. The price they had on them seemed OK. I have never heard of them before and I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them. I would appreciate any information about them if anybody has had any dealings with them.


I have not.

Although I seen the following lately that is a bright sign and I highly recommend anybody check them out. I own all perlick 425’s (The best tap ever.) I wish I would have bought more as I cannot stand the new floating arm design of the 525/ 603 etc…and will not buy one. But it looks like ventmatic started making faucets again!! Which was the company perlick was infringing on when they made the 425 and why they had to discontinue making the 425. So I will be snapping up two real soon.

This is the only place I have seen them. ... ts_id=3277

Here is a good thread speaking to them w/ some photos of the units broken down for a visual. ... ndex2.html

I have. No issues. I get the impression it is run out of someone’s garage

I purchase a tri-tap and perlick faucets from them about 18 months ago. I had no problems at all. Got it fast and was very pleased. Haven’t gotten anything from them since then.

I’ve purchased several things from them in the last year, including a 7.5 gallon Polarware Kettle w/ Ball Valve and 2 3-tap towers. Everything was shipped quickly, and I have no complaints. The owner is on the HomebrewTalk forums and responded to me in a thread where I was talking about how pumped I was to order my towers.

I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again if the price is right.

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