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Anyone else have cones yet?

[attachment=0]Cascades (600x800).jpg[/attachment]First year Cascades here in Florida spitting out cones already…

I just got to see the ground last week. :slight_smile:

Still snow on the ground up there in WI? Holy Crapsky!

No cones yet but I have two second year varieties about 5’ tall and growing like crazy in MD.

my chinook is 5 feet tall already.

meanwhile my cascades are about an inch tall and goldings haven’t sprouted yet. bizarre…

Even the three new varieties I planted this year are at least 12" tall

You guys are killing me!
Mine haven’t broken through the ground yet, and I only removed the ‘overwintering spruce boughs’ this past weekend. This has been a miserably slow spring coming.
Oh well, all good things come to those who wait…

Technically, those are burrs. But, you’re well ahead of me! We got more snow last night. I’m hoping the ground is dry enough to attempt to dig up and transplant 10 gnarly old crowns this weekend. We’ll see how far I get…

[quote=“S.Scoggin”]my chinook is 5 feet tall already.

meanwhile my cascades are about an inch tall and goldings haven’t sprouted yet. bizarre…[/quote]

Yeah my Cascades are going bonkers at about 12 feet, but my Kent Goldings are only about 5 feet tall. Funny how some decide to grow faster than others under the exact same conditions…

I stand corrected sir. This is my first time growing hops, so I wasn’t sure what they were called. I was just happy to see the little “burrs” sprouting forth. It was a good sign given a lot of people told me I couldn’t grow hops in Florida…

A couple years ago I started doing that kind of stuff in the Fall once they died back. Too many times it ended up way too wet in the Spring so I find that Fall is a little dryer and works out as well as the alternative. I’ll never muck around in the mud again.

Good call on the fall transplants. Keep an eye on those burrs - they’ll develop pretty quickly into nice little cones. I can’t believe you’re already getting burrs! Good for you - I hope the rest of your season goes just as well. :cheers:

Thank you sir. I thought we were supposed to consume our beer, not vice versa. I sure never thought when I first started brewing that I would be growing my own hops, have 6 carboys, a temperature controlled chest freezer for lagering, using gelatin for anything other than making jello, etc… etc…

But for all the obsession, I will say this… First, thank God I have an understanding wife that puts up with it, and second, what a great hobby! My favorite part is how helpful fellow brewers are in sharing their experience and helping each other make the best beer they possibly can. It’s a great community to be a part of!

Northern Virginia here and my Chinooks, which have been up only a months, and are maybe 10 feet, have started throwing burrs. I am wondering if they bought the fake from a pair of 38 degree mornings and a soft frost. I don’t know enough to know what makes them flower. Maybe this one is just an ignorant second year.

Throwing burrs is good… Who cares how it happened!!!


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