Anyone brewing

Had to put off brewing today untill tomorrow Monday . Semi retirement has it’s perks . Going to a birthday party for my niece, to windy today anyway. Going to brew a Marzen the last in a series of lagers.

Nope, I am in the tasting phase. :cheers:

In the pre-planning phase myself. Finally got my 3 gallon kegarator up and running so enjoying my wild rice ale off of that. Have to get holes drilled into my kettles so I can install the ball valves. I am planning on brewing a bunch of kits from NB since I get spring cleaning down with the house. I have been eyeing the w00tstout for a very long time…and the Innkeeper, and brunch stout, and the Pirate’s Plunder, and the dark mild…

I’m doing the first batch of my Xmas 2015 ale today (I had a false start in January…I started drinking that batch this month :shock: ; a second batch will follow in April, then the two will ultimately be combined. The end result is essentially a Burton/Old Ale and eventually gets blended with my solera reserve (which has been going since 1991).

I brewed 22 gallons of lager yesterday. It’s all hopped with FF 7C’s. I currently am making good use of the cold temperatures in my Bierkeller with 44 gallons of lager going at 54F. It smells heavenly. EDIT: Now why in the heck did that photo rotate when I put it in??

I,m not brewing right now, but I,m in planning stages of my first all-grain brew sesion. I plan on using Denny-brew,s batch sparging method. It,s almost ready to go. I,m thinking of doing a Honey porter and adding vanilla beans in secondary. I,d apreciate any tips or suggestions from any of the all-grain brewers here… Thanks, Tank :cheers:

I just brewed my last extract brew; Inn Keeper. My dad and I are investing in a brew easy. All grain from here on out.

Relax dont worrie have a homebrew and Have fun

Brewed twice this weekend. American Amber Ale and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.
Also kegged a Sierra Pale Ale, a Blonde Ale, and Electric Pale Ale. I still have an Irish Stout with a twist of coffee still in the fermentor. I now have 6 flavors for my 6 tap kegerator. Next up I am going to try my hand at Lagers

Brewed twice today. 8.5 hrs of brewing but got in an IPA and a Kolsch. :cheers:

Brew day #2 - just mashed in a Alaskan Amber clone attempt - using notes from BYO and comments posted on a few threads.

Got the week off and have brewed 20 gallons in 2 days.

Got my marzen in today. A friend stopped over and had some distractions but we got it tucked in after a few quirks. It almost got away but we compensated and I believe it worked out good.