Anyone brewing today/this weekend?

Greetings all,

Just put a Saison/Farmhouse Ale to bed, using a year-old Wyeast 3726 Farmhouse Ale slurry I resurrected a couple of weeks back.

Recipe: 5 lbs each of 2-row and Pils, 2 lbs of Munich, a lb of crystal-60, and a cup of table sugar at flame-out (to help dry things out, as my mash temp was a bit warmer than i had expected). Hopping was 2 oz of Sterling whole hops, (9.3% AA) as FWH, with no hop other additions.

Beersmith tells me that this one should weigh in at ~1.070, 55 IBU’s, and ~10 SRM.

Is anyone else firing up their kettle today and/or sometime this holiday weekend?


Going to do my last two of the year.

Number 32 and 33.

A nelson sauvon rye pale ale, and falconers flight cascadian dark ale but at a pale ale strength.

I am brewing an English brown ale tomorrow or Sunday am. May try to squeeze another in on New Years Day as I am going to be very busy with work in the new year

Brewing a DIPA on Sunday before settling in for a full day of football.

Brewed the nut brown ale kit from NB. BIAB, hit 1.045 OG, right on the nugget with 5.25 gallons.

I’m going to tackle Northern Brewer’s Baltic Porter all grain kit. But, I’ll be using Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager instead of the Cali. Lager. I can’t wait to try it…in a couple months. :cheers:

I always brew with my brother or my cousin on new years day. This time both are comeing over and we will be brewing 3 different beers. cool.

I’m finally going to brew Dennys Wry Smile, my brother an ipa and my cuz is undecided.

Good food, great beer and family…it doesn’t get any better than that.

Have a very Hoppy Holidaze everyone. Wally

Brewed a Belgian Golden Strong and helped a friend brew a stout - just got done, time for a beer.