Anyone brewing today/this weekend?

Greetings all,

Just put a clone of Stone’s Ruination IPA to bed a couple of hours ago. Mostly 2-row + 1 lb of Munich to an OG of ~1.086, Columbus for bittering to ~95 IBU’s, and then Centennial for flavor and aroma for a total of ~105 IBU’s; US-05 to ferment. Will dry-hop in keg w/ leaf Centennial once ready to package, about a month from now.

Anyone else fire up the kettle this weekend?


Didn’t brew but did take advantage of Black Friday to bottle two batches: NB’s Kiwi Express and a brown ale based on the Nutcastle recipe from Brewing Classic Styles.

Gonna fire mine up tomorrow for another 5.5 gallons of single/pater bier,
85% bohemian pils, 15% belgian wheat, bittering with spalter and finishing with hallertauer and saaz.
The seasonal 3864 unibroue yeast. And a # of honey when the krausen falls should put me at 1.045, should finish ~1.004 for ~5% treat. :cheers:

Sunday I’m brewing NB’s La Petite Orange, which I have renamed Gnomeskull…

made a black ale yesterday. i named it black fridale.

Brewing a pale ale tomorrow. My belma hops I wanted to try have not arrived yet so I’ll use centennial and some amarillo for aroma/flavor and dry hop with 2 oz of belma.

I kegged a red saison and winter warmer for the holidays today so I need something hoppy as well :smiley:

Brewed 10 gallons of a Zythos IPA (though I did toss some Amarillo in at flame out; so not all Zythos).

Just got done brewing a Greatful Dead Guy clone.

Bottled the end of two kegs to free up some keg space.

I did not brew but I did bottle a batch. I am going to give my sister a case of Hacker Pschorr clone, which I guess I will call Hack Daddy, because I can’t get any more clever than that. I thought about kegging my half, but decided to save the keg for a full batch. So I bottled 2 cases.

Also hooked up the hose and tried out my Sunny Day Cream Ale in the keg. Pretty good, but I turned up the C02, wasn’t carbed enough. Falconers Flight at low dose.

Just finished a hoppy black ale with centennial and cascade. What a long day, phone calls, people stopping over, the damn dog…and now my reward, kicking back and relaxing with a glass of homebrew.

Denny’s BVIP will be on the agenda for tomorrow, as well as , bottling a 90-shilling and Chimera IRA. Then, I’ll have to figure out what to brew on Dec. 2nd at the next club meeting.


I brewed up a couple of stouts yesterday and have 20 gallons of RIS and BW to bottle this weekend or next.

I brewed a All Grain Bitter happy its done

Today I will be brewing NB’s Dead Ringer Recipe for my brother who is a big Two Hearted fan.

Brewing a black lager today.

Brewed two this weekend.

An belma american pale ale. 1.060, 50 ibus, five oz throughout the boil, will dry hop with a couple more. Us05 harvested yeast

And a chocolate milk stout, 1.061, williamette at 60 and 30, bittersweet chocolate and unsweetened chocolate and a pound of lactose. S04 harvested yeast.

Not this weekend. But, I did bottle a 5-gallon batch of my Straw Dog Kolsch. Hope it turns out ok, as I noticed sulfuric smells during fermentation. That was a first.