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Anyone brewing today/this weekend?

Just mashed in for a 5.5 gallon batch of my take on Bell’s 2-Hearted Ale; looking at an OG of ~1.070 and ~70 IBU’s.

I’ve been working to rebuild my pipeline since my move a month ago (can’t believe it’s been a month already!) for several upcoming parties at the new place.

What are you brewing today/this weekend?


Not brewing this weekend, but last weekend I did a blonde (ha! That sounds dirty…), which was inspired by Redhook’s Blonde Ale. The previous weekend I did a red wheat. The blonde is still bubbling away happily in the basement. My next batch is probably going to be a porter or stout, I’m still trying to come up with a good recipe though.

I brewed mullerbrau’s two hearted clone on Friday. Brewed a robust porter Wednesday. It’s hot out there!

I brewed a dark mild and a cream ale yesterday. Today im brewing a ESB.

I’ll be brewing a Vienna SMaSH some time this week. I’m looking forward to trying it on it’s own for the first time!

I’m still deciding on the hops I want to use…

Im brewing a Buffalo Sweat pro series kit later tonight.

Brewed an American Wheat hopped with tettnang and citra on Friday. And kegging and carbing a biere de garde and a strawberry blonde today. Also dry hopped an extra pale ale with 1.5oz of columbus to be kegged in about ten days.

Brewing an Odell 90 Shilling clone tomorrow… been planning on brewing it for about a month now :lol:

Brewing a Belgian Barleywine on Tuesday.

I hope to be brewing a Belgian/American Gold blend that I particularly like sometime in the middle of the week, though it will likely get pushed off to next Saturday. I very well could be starting my next Blackberry Melomel this Wednesday though. Just need to pick up the honey from the farmer’s market for that.

Just got done brewing up an extract batch of Evil Twin, which I have christened Attacked By Robins…

Partigyled an IPA and a Saison, just finished cleaning up. Gotta go keg the beer that’s sitting on the yeast for these two beers next.

Brewed a Cali Common Friday and an IPA yesterday. They are happily bubbling away in the fridge.

Saturday was a crystal lager (just a little crystal like Sam Adams), then I walked my son through a sweet stout extract batch on Sunday - something to take back to college this fall.


I brewed a Nut Brown Ale on Saturday and the Caibou Slobber kit on Sunday. That gives me 35 gallons outside the kegerator and almost nothing in the kegerator. Slacked off on brewing too much this summer. Going to make it a good fall though.

[quote=“KISS Brew”]I’ll be brewing a Vienna SMaSH some time this week. I’m looking forward to trying it on it’s own for the first time!

I’m still deciding on the hops I want to use…[/quote]

I brewed a Vienna Smash IPA last year. Vienna Calypso IPA. Turned out real good. Had a little hop bite harshness early on, but after it aged for a few weeks it was a solid beer. I plan on making it again but with a different hop. Thinking maybe a noble hop this time or maybe I’ll say American and go with Cascade or Centennial.

Oh yeah… I brewed an IPA this weekend. I’ve been working on my own house IPA for about a year now. This is only my 3rd attempt, but I’m hoping this one is a keeper. Bittered with Nugget. Aroma and flavored with Citra and Cascade. Will dry hop with Citra and Cascade as well.

Not yeasterday but today I am brewing a Cherry Wheaten Beatdown. It is a clone of NBs Tcan and something bear wheaten beatdown with some cherry thrown in to make the wife smile.


Brewed an amber ale on Saturday. Sort of a cross between Denny’s Waldo Lake and The Lakefront Fixed Gear.

Gonna be a big brewing week for me.
I’ve been on the road with shows for most of the last two months, and stocks are running low, so it’s ‘catch-up’ time.

On deck is the final installment of my 2012 Christmas Ale (two 5 gal batches already brewed waiting to be blended with this batch along with some 20 year old Burton), a batch of robust porter, my 2nd batch of IPA for the year (destined for long aging), and a quick batch of mild to enjoy in a few weeks. Plus, 5 gal of something yet to be determined based on ingredients on hand.

Pretty much brewing every day this week.

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