Anyone brewing on Learn to Homebrew day?

Brewing my clone of Great Lakes Burning River Ale with my BIL and nephew, who’ve expressed some interest in learning how to brew.

(Or, at least seeing how it’s done, and then deciding if it’s worth the effort, especially when they can drink mine for free). :mrgreen:

Also, for snackies, making some grilled Buffalo chicken wings, as one can’t/shouldn’t brew on an empty stomach.

Anyone else brewing today and/or teaching others how to brew?


10 gal of brown trout oatmeal brown ale. Forgot it was Learn to brew day…hopefully I’ll learn something!

I have my brother coming over to see the whole process. I will be doing an IPA with Citra, amarillo, and centennial! I will also be smoking a brisket and some ribs.

I will only be daydreaming of brewing while I’m at birthday parties today. I think I’ll be brewing a 10-gallon batch of Denny’s RIPA in my head.


No brewing for me this weekend, currently sitting in a deer stand waiting for something to walk by. It’s VERY annoying that deer hunting opener in MN is the same day as teach a friend to homebrew day EVERY year.

Brewing my Strong Gold today. Brew it on opening deer hunting in MN every year. Got an early start and am chilling down right now.

Brewing a schwarzbier. Trying for low abv, which is my biggest challenge. Nowhere for flaws to hide!

Brewing a New Glarus Crack’d Wheat clone this evening. Not teaching anyone as I’m flying solo on this one. Just me and the peace of a cool MN fall night.

took a long hiatus, just chance that I’m brewing today…Oatmeal Pale Ale.

Showed the wife, She loved it. We brewed a cream ale

A bunch of us brewed at the LHBS parking lot. It was a good event with good traffic all day. I made an old ale, or at least in a year it will be old :slight_smile: