Anybody with experience using WLP099 (Super HG)

I brewed an experimental Very high Grav beer last weekend. I missed my OG (way under) as I didn’t boil off about a 1/4 - 1/2 gal and didn’t notice till it was cooled and in the fermentor. Oh well 1.135 (13%) isnt so far off from 1.167 (16%). On a fine members advice I picked up some white labs Super High gravity yeast. I made up a starter on tuesday and have been swirling and snifffing since. I am actually running 2 starters one the HG and one a new yeast to me , saison. The saison smells as I would expect but the HG has a very different smell, still yeast like but with a definite sulfer note. Is this normal with this yeast?

As always, thanks for any info,


I’ve used it before, for my 120 min IPA clone.

I started with 2 packs of rehydrated US-05, but first drew off 1/2 a gallon of main wort for the 099 starter. I aerated both twice a day for two days, then on day four of total fermentation pitched the whole starter into the main primary, then aerated another two days, twice a day.

Never noticed any funky smells, but I fermented up to 20% so yeast character wasn’t the stand-out feature in this beer. Did you aerate?

I aerated the starter but not the just secondaried wort itself. I will bottle this one this weekend so I’ll take a test taste then. Should be interesting. It is still bubbling away at a week and a half after the second charge of yeast (the HG stuff added at secondary).

name of this batch is Marital Bliss. We will see if it measures up to its name :wink:


What’s the recipe?