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Anybody tried Kiwi Express yet?

If so, what was your FG? I brewed the all-grain version about 10 days ago and it’s already at 1.010 and doesn’t quite seem finished yet. Does that seem right? I mashed at 152 for 60 min with no mashout and batch sparged. OG was 1.060.

Also, after searching the instruction sheets for a suggested FG, I just noticed that they recommend a 2-4 week secondary on the extract version, but instruct to add the dry hops for only the last 5 days, whereas the all-grain version recommends dry hopping for a week. Any ideas on why that would be?

An IPA finishing at 1.010 is fine. It is at the bottom of the style guidelines. But I would be more than happy with that fermentation.

Can’t answer the dry hopping question though. I dry hop 7-10 days. Other people do it differently though.

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