Anybody enter N.H.C.?

Just wondering if anyone else entered beers in nhc? My porter took first in its category for San Diego region and is going to the second round. I had to rebrew it cause I didn’t save any. Rebrewed it this morning, went pretty smooth except my p.o.s. Barley crusher kept having trouble feeding. How about you guys/girls?

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Congratulations! Hope you go all the way!
I just started the competition route. One competition, one win, but it was local and nothing like your level.

Thanks. Crongrats on your win. Small comps can be tough. it’s more about the quality of the entry’s than the amount that make a comp hard IMO. I just started entering comps this is my 5th, I’ve placed in 3.

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Bad review, I entered one of my first brews in the county fair, so, why did I git 3rd and there was only 2 entries? The other one won first and went on to the state to finish 2nd…… :anguished: Sneezles61

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I didn’t this year, but had the opportunity to be a steward at one of other regional events.

For me, it was a great experience.

Yes, one has to serve lot of beers and track and track (or double-check) a lot of paper work. In exchange I got to be around a lot of experienced, helpful brewers.