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Anybody done a grab bag of hops?

I ordered a mystery pack of hops yesterday. Anyone ever done this?

16 2 Oz packages of who knows what. Trying to shake things up a bit.

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I’ve been tempted but I have a freezer full. My eyes are bigger than my brewery.

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Im doing that with the three varieties i got for xmas…luckily the brew shop owner helped my family pick out azacca, idaho7, and wai-iti…should be a charming little pale ale or ipa.

Me too as I’ve got about 40lbs of hops in the freezer. :confounded: Some were bought with a plan that just didn’t come to fruition and others were bought due to a “great deal.”

Sometimes I forget that I bought some. Now I have 2lbs of Cascade, Amarillo, and Citra…

I think you’ll find some very interesting combo’s. Only sad thing, you won’t know whats what… :disappointed: Sneezles61

40lbs ? You may need to take more time off


Oh I dunno… only like 5 or 6 batches…

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Like I said… some planned, some bad choices, some drunk purchases… :flushed:
I’ve got pounds of all kinds of hops. Luckily I’ve got the freezer space.

Darn autocorrect you meant months right?

Sounds pretty cool actually. Might get me out of the rut of using the same kind of hops all of the time.

I’m curious how the mix up is done quantity wise. Sixteen different? Two oz. would not be enough for my typical batch size.

I’m thinking depending on the hops, of doing a simple pale then doing different dry hops. There’s another option with 4 1lb bags, but then you’re possibly stuck with a pound of a hop you don’t care for. Risks vs. rewards and all that…

RDWHAHB, very hoppy one if you can! Sneezles61

Here’s what I ended up with:

6 Oz CTZ
4 Oz Saphir
4 Oz Northern Brewer
4 Oz Opal
2 Oz bullion
2 Oz Nugget
2 Oz Chinook
2 Oz Apollo
2 Oz Summit
2 Oz Lemon drop
2 Oz Meridian

Definitely some new ones, and a few old favorites.

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Niko brew is a good company I’m sure they wouldn’t beat you. I get all my hops from them. They have flat rate shipping so when I order something I need I usually add on some bargain hops that they have. I got a lb lubliner hops for cheap. I’ll try them in some lagers. For like $8

yes, looks like you will have some fun sampling… How will you try them? Sneezles61

I’ll have to do some research. Some German bittering hops there… if I set up a layering chamber, I might do a Pilsner or two to try those out. The lemondrop, I’m having a crazy thought put into my head by @porkchop involving kettle souring with lime juice and zest. Maybe the lemondrop hops there? Who knows.

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sounds like you’ll be busy. Try a very plain brew, then bottle hop them to see what brings what to the party? More so with the newer hops… Sneezles61

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