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Anybody brew a hefe?

Gonna brew one tomorrow with about 80% wheat…20%pils…some saaz to 15 ibu and wlp351…what you guys use?

I brew them a couple times per year. I use 50% wheat, 40% Pilsner, 10 light Munich.

Use magnum to bitter to 12 IBUS then hit it with Hallertau Mittelfrueh at 15 mins for an addition 3-4 IBUS (about an ounce on average).

I use wl300 or wy3068.

50/50 german pils and pale wheat malt. Weihenstephaner yeast (wyeast 3068). Sometimes I do a step mash, sometimes single infusion. I shoot for a slightly lower mash ph @ 5.3. I’ve used citric acid in a few batches/ water adjustments. Simple hop schedule, just an ounce of Hallertauer Mittelfrueh. Love this style, next batch will be bottled this weekend, my ninth hefe iteration.

I’ve done step mashes and single infusion. I haven’t been able to tell the difference, although I haven’t tested them side-by-side. I actually need to keg mine tomorrow.

Does the citric acid help to crisp the taste? Sneezles61

I think that is the idea. To supply a pleasant tartness as opposed to lactic acid, and still maintain proper mash pH. You can account for it with some of the water spreadsheets.

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I do have citric acid, yet haven’t tried that as the sole water acidifier… I’ll put that on the list… Thanks! Sneezles61


Active ferment is over…let her rise from 65-70…wlp351 is full of sulfur :grinning: Probably keg next weekend.

I’m very curious about using citric acid now…does it lend crispness?

Yes it can be an interesting acid addition to try in limited amounts. The above thread on BA discusses this in some detail. I’ve used it in Hefe’s and IPAs.

Yeah, the only brews I’ve ever got strong sulfur from were hefeweizen /yeast. Especially a dunkelweizen I made with 3333… Wow! It eventually faded and turned out pretty well.

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