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Any suggestions on a good kegerator?

So I’ve been looking around alot online, and have found several kegerators that look like they can fit two, even three or more 5 gal kegs. But after readying alot of the product reviews, it looks like most of them need constant repair and just aren’t worth the $. So I figured I’d ask here and see who’s had relative luck and success with what?

I’d like to be able to hold at least 2 5-gal kegs. And if u could fit a carboy in there with a keg, awesome. I’m not much of a builder, so ready to go is what I’m looking for.

Any ideas??? Thanks

Build one, it super easy and you can buy the kegerator conversion kits basically fully assembled, you just have to drill holes in the door :cheers:

I suppose that’s easy enough. I’d have to use a full size fridge though right? The idea of a kegerator would be easier to pass over the old lady then putting ANOTHER fridge in the garage.

You can convert a chest freezer. Look up “Keezer”. You could get any size you want, then.

I suggest going the chest freezer route with a temperature controller. You can start out with picnic taps, which is easy. Building a collar, though, is a little more involved, something I couldn’t do if I wanted to since I don’t have any of the necessary tools or space to build it.

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