Any Recommendations Before Buying a Chest Freezer?

I am looking into getting a chest freezer which I can use for kegging, and occasionally lagering. Currently I am looking at a this 7.0 cu. ft. chest freezer at Best Buy:±+7.0+Cu … 3&st=chest freezer&cp=1&lp=4

How many corny kegs typically fit in a 7.0 cu. ft. chest freezer? I only plan to eventually have maybe 3 corny kegs but will likely only have one keg for quite awhile.

I am just looking for any recommendations people may have for me before I buy my chest freezer.


That might work. Best to make some cardboard circles the size of kegs and carboys and test fit them.


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yep -take what you want to put in it with you and try it out. I took two fermentation buckets with spigots and airlocks right into the store and put them in the freezer I wanted to use for fermenting. Take the circles in to put in the bottom. Take a tape measure to check height. That is the only way to gaurantee. Or find someone who has the exact freezer you are buying and confirm what they can get in it.

Walmart recently had/has a 7.0 for ~$160, and I just picked one up for $160 @ Sears. Keep shopping. ... LLUCodZWSo

Good through monday I think - ... ifications

Thank you everyone for all of the advice! I really appreciate it!

The Home Depot chest freezer had multiple reviews from homebrewers who converted it into a keezer. Also one guy had a picture which showed 4 corny kegs and a c02 regulator fitting inside. This should be perfect for my needs.

I just bought the stellar deal from Home Depot for the 7 cu. ft. GE chest freezer!

See my signature line for an inexpensive temp controller and wiring diagram.