Any NASCAR fans?

If you’re ever at Atlanta Raceway, check out the offerings of “Jailhouse Brewing Company”, located about 2 miles from the gates of the racetrack.
They are located in the actual old jailhouse for the city of Hampton, Ga., and I think they may even have a shuttle that runs from the track to the brewery.

The city only lets them do “educational” tours the last time I was there, but with the tour, ( 10 bucks, I think), you get a company logo’ed glass, 3 of their offerings to try in your glass, and a brewery tour.

The owner pursued the “educational” aspect so that the City Fathers would allow him to do the tours, and let you sample his wares…The only stipulation: he has to keep you there for an hour minimum.

All their brews are named with “incarceration” theme names.

Good beers!..Check out their site!

Guess not…

Anyway, if you should see any offerings from Jailhouse Brewing, they are worth a try! :cheers:

Well, I am a NASCAR fan. Went to Atlanta several years ago to a race. Also did the Buck Baker Racing Experience there too. Didn’t make a lot of trips there because the weather was always so iffy, it used to rain at a lot of Atlanta races, till they moved the date. I will look for the Jailhouse if I see it locally.