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Any Maryland brewers

Near Annapolis wants to show a newb how ya brew… I have done four batches, two AG and two extract.
Looking to help and learn. Also to see what equipment that i might be missing or not know I need.


Check out Maryland Homebrew in Columbia, they host the local home brew clubs on the first Saturday in May for Big Brew. Lots of folks bring their all-grain set ups, have a few bratwurst, and of course sample lots of home brew.

I will check that out. I used google Maryland homebrew and found all the Baltimore beer fest stuff.
And that was about all beside the supply store in Severna park.

I once used to live in Laurel, MD, and belonged to two homebrew clubs, BURP (Brewers United for Real Potables) and MALT (Maryland Ale and Lager Technicians), and both were a lot of fun and had some of the best brewers I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Google them for websites - I am not positive if MALT is still going… I recommend you attend a meeting or two if you feel you are within driving distance, to meet folks who I bet would step up to help you learn solid brewing technique and equipment needs.

I bet you’ve also heard of CRABS (Chesapeake Real Ale Brewers Society) in Baltimore…

Good luck, and welcome to a new obsessive hobby!

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