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Any hoppy wheat recipes

I am brewing a wheat beer this weekend, well, just because. I have some Wyeast 1010 - American Wheat yeast that I bought on a whim several months ago and have about a week invested in a stepped starter. I just cannot decide what exactly to brew. Not really interested in a standard wheat beer or one with fruit. So I was thinking something along the lines of the NB Headscratcher recipe, but wondering if that will be ok with the 1010 yeast.

Interested in any other recipes people might have. I have not done many wheat beers

I like that recipe with 1010. Better than the yeast they suggest, IMO.

Our hosts Tallgrass Halcyon wheat has a late hop addition at the boil flame out. Now I have to say I screwed up this batch during the boil. With out going into long details, I basically thinned the beer too much. My FG was…now try not to laugh too hard, a whopping 2.6% ABV. But if you like hoppy beer this is it. I am not sure if the pronounced hop flavor is because of my mess up, or if the late hop addition gave it to it. It is not too bitter, just hoppy. Some day I will brew it the right way and see if it is hoppy. I think the yeast that came with the kit was 1010

The recipe I am seeing for that uses Denny’s Fav 50 yeast.

My mistake…you are right Tallgrass does use Denny’s favorite. The Raspberry American Wheat I have in the fermenter was 1010. Thank you for catching that. :oops:

I think I still am going to try it with the 1010.

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