Any favorite extract hefeweizen's?

i want something for this summer…most of the stuff I have fermenting/will have fermenting soon will not be ready for quite awhile…any faves out there?

This is one of my favorites. Petite Saison d’Ete Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains with WY 3711. Brew it at the low end of the yeasts range. Ramping up the temperature at the end of the fermentation will only take away from the spicy flavor of the yeast.

Auto correct changed my hefe to a here :slight_smile: . How quick is the turn around on that saison though?

All my beers get at least three weeks in the primary. This is for clearing. I have chilled these after two weeks of warm bottle conditioning. Might be able to get by with a two week primary. What is in the hydrometer sample will tell you when it is ready. The flavor is there as soon as fermentation is complete, so it could be rushed. I try to keep at least 5 gallons conditioning year round.