Any experience making extract lagers?

has anyone had success making pilsners or light lagers using extract (with or without steeping grains)? Does it finish out dry enough?

Yes finishes like all grain. Brew away.

really? no 1020 curse?

I made an extract Texas Bock that turned out amazing, still one of my favorite brews. All grain version didn’t fare as well though.

I haven’t made an extract lager…

I would think any issues with higher FG in Ales would also happen with a Lager.

If the ingredients contain DME, maybe sub out some for table sugar? That should get the FG down a little more.

I’ve brewed a Helles, Czech Pilsner, World Wide Lager, Alt, Kölsch, and lots of Schwarzbier. They all came out great. Don’t hesitate to start lagering now. It’s good to get the practice!

My spring lager consists of nothing but a 6lb jug of pils LME and an assortment of noble hops. Nice crisp clean lager taste. I let it lager about 2 months before serving. 2124 yeast is amazing also!

6lbs in a 5 1/4 gal batch will get you about 1.033-1.035 OG. My FG’s are usually around 1.010.