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Anther problem today

My mash tun (cooler) has a small crack in it near where it bubbled. I have some epoxy I
could fix it with but wondering if that’s safe. Any other ideas out there or is it a pooch and
go get another one. It was one I had for years, might even have another.

Food-grade silicon sealant is what I use - Home Depot, glue section, look for “aquarium sealer”.

The silicone is probably best since its flexible, but epoxy will harden and not be a source of contamination if you let it cure well.

A cooler is the last thing to get sentimental on. Buy a new one.

Someone else I talked to today also said it would dry hard and shouldn’t have any problem. That is what
I thought but I’ve never had anyone mistake me for a chemical engineer either. Gonna see how it goes tomorrow.
Thanks guys.

Happy brewing

Buy a new cooler

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