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Another thread about ruined beer

On Thursday I did a partial mash for the NB smashing punkin beer with the recomended addition of 2lbs of 6 row and some pumpkin (30oz can of libbys) I mashed for 60 mins but I did let the temp go up as high as 168 by accident during the mash. (my first mistake) after cooling I pitched wyeast 1056. I didn’t realize until after pitching that my wort was around 78 degrees, my carboy was still below the 5 gal mark so I added about a half gallon of ice cold sanitized water (store bought bottled water from freezer with ice crystals) and crossed my fingers. Well today Monday the krausen layer has gone, the airlock bubbles too and I thought I was ready to rack to secondary. Well it has only been 4 days and my beer tastes terrible. Kind of rubbery if I had to guess. Did I fail at sanitation? Did I get the grains too hot? Pitch too hot? What was my greatest sin here? Is there any hope for my beer?

If you have not transferred it, don’t. Let it sit for 2-3 weeks. This flavor may be a byproduct that the yeast will cleanup.

Wait, wait and wait some more. Don’t even bother opening a carboy until 2-3 weeks. Don’t even look at it to make yourself tempted if you can help it. These are not perfect conditions based on what you said but I’m willing to bet you made a beer out of it. You’ll be fine.

Thanks guys, I will wait with fingers crossed and hope for a decent end result, And will definately be more diligent with temperatures next brew.

Yeah, as the guys stated above, just wait. Should end up as beer :slight_smile:

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