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Another plastic tasting beer line thread

Just replaced my old keg lines with some stuff I bought from the local home brew store. The taste is awful on the first 4 ounces or so. It’s okay after that but if it sits for a few minutes, the next beer is already tasting and smelling like plastic.
I will admit that I did not soak the lines in cleaner prior to using them, but I have run 10 beers of so through it and it does not seem to be improving. Should I pull them out and soak them? I know my revious lines didn’t do this when they were new, but I dont recall where I got them. I only need 10 feet for each of two taps for a total of 20 feet, 3/16" prefereably. Can anyone recomend a good beer line so that I don’t go through the process of changing them out a third time?
Thanks a lot. Appreciate the help!

Home Depot sells 3/16" ID tubing for $4/20’. That’s where I get mine and I’ve never tasted anything off from them. The sticky left behind from the tape and tag were a PITA to remove but that’s merely cosmetic :wink:

Just take an empty keg and run your cleaner of choice through the lines. No need to dissassemble.

Is that home depot stuff food-grade?


Is that home depot stuff food-grade?[/quote]
That was my first thought too… :?

Just looked this one up on a whim… product description on their site:

"The smooth bore of the Watts 5/16 in. OD x 3/16 in. ID x 20 ft. Clear PVC Tubing reduces sediment buildup and maximizes the flow of chemicals, gases and liquids. Resistant to acids, alkalis and many solvents, this clear-as-glass tubing makes an excellent drainage line.

First-run FDA-approved clear vinyl is appropriate for use in food and beverage applications
Can be used with chemicals, gases and liquids
High resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents"

Time to go to Home Depot, I guess… I’ve wanted to lengthen my bev lines from 6 to 10 feet for a while now…

[quote=“squeekybobo”]Just looked this one up on a whim… product description on their site:

"The smooth bore of the Watts 5/16 in. OD x 3/16 in…[/quote]

Doesn’t beverage tubing have a 7/16" OD? Will 5/16" be enough, or will the thinner wall lower the restriction pressure (and by how much)?

Good beverage line will have the heavy wall thickness. This has no effect on the restriction though. The restriction is a function of inner diameter, length and surface roughness.

I had the same bad taste fro mine many years ago when I bought hardware store vinyl tubing. If the off flavor is there now, no amount of soaking or washing is going to make it go away.Then learned and bought a 100’ roll from B3. I go through a roll every two years and I will use nothing else.

One time they sold me a roll which had a bad taste and then they said it was recalled and sent me a new roll to replace it.

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