Another gizmo to make bad beer good

Here we go again.
“Fizzics countertop ‘draught’ system makes bad beer good” ... ht-system/

I gather it uses some ultrasonic something to make the beer have a decent head. And good head makes bad beer better. Of course getting good head makes everything better. Ba-dum-ching! So now that the obvious joke is out of the way.

$200 for beer foam that is less “Grainy” Discuss.

I just wish I could invent some gizmo that could help me separate fools from their money.

I’ve got 2 on the way so I don’t contaminate each tube by different beers. :wink:

Now I don’t enter comps but I wander if you could ship this unit with you entry and strict instructions that it must be used since it makes the beer so much better… :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I’ve never paid much attention to the taste of the head because I never got “grainy”. Maybe they are all using Briess malt. :twisted: yes I went there.

I’ve got several gizmos to make beer good. A brew pot, fermenters, starter jars, IC, brewing books and software. I’ll just stick with these for now, but I would like to blast my beer with soundwaves to make it more heady…maybe some Grateful Dead??? :lol:

Nothin’ wrong with Grateful Dead and a good brew.



Nothin’ wrong with Grateful Dead and a good brew.

:cheers: [/quote]
Couldn’t agree more!! :cheers: