Another foaming problem

I’m trying to figure out what the problem is with my foaming beer. I think I’ve narrowed it down to something with the keg. I switched liquid lines and taps and still have the problem. When I pour it sounds like rushing water which I don’t hear with my other keg. It’s actually pretty loud I can hear it with the lid to my keezer shut. I’m fairly new to kegging and haven’t had this problem with my previous two kegs. It also looks like beer is draining back into the keg after I close the tap so when I pour again I get air then foam then foamy beer. Could this be a problem with over carbonation or something with the keg itself? Any input is greatly appreciated.

Do you have a picnic tap or a draft tower with beer faucets?

Have you checked for leaks?

You might check the liquid dip tube. I had one that had a visible seam the length of it. It cracked at the start of the flare.

I have faucets built into my collar. And no I haven’t checked the dip tube. Would it be okay to take it out to look it with beer still inside the keg?