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Another few questions about BJCP Style Guidelines

I’m terrible at figuring out BJCP Styles for my beers. This would usually not matter to me because my pallet does not care. I am however going to enter a competition, and want to enter my beers correctly.
first quest is what cat. would Le Petite Orange fall under? I knew it is a Belgium, but would it fit into a certain sub category?
Maybe 16E. or is it too light to fit there. I picture this as more of a table beer in that it is lighter in ABV. about 6%.

I also made a pretty tasty orange cream ale. I’m not sure with all the ingredients I used in it what it would fall under.
I used
Carafoam malt
vienna malt
Carahell malt
pale malt LME
orange blossom honey
sweet orange peel
coriander vannilla bean Mt. Hood hops ( 2 to 3 AUUs)
and Ringwood yeast.
Thanks so much for any help. I’ve been brewing for just over a year and have made probably around 30 beers, but as I say never cared before what category they were.

Looks to me like a Belgian Specialty Category 16E, and a regular Specialty Category 23. If you ever don’t know what category to put your beer in, you can put it in either one of those (Belgian if you used Belgian yeast, 23 if you did not) and as long as you tell the judges what your goal was and tell them a couple of your special ingredients (do NOT list more than two or three ingredients), they’ll judge your beer according to your intent rather than any more specific guidelines. 16E and 23 are some pretty interesting general categories, and there are a few judges out there who don’t care as much for guidelines either and prefer to just judge based on quality and deliciousness. So you’re in luck – your beers will always fit there if you didn’t shoot for any standard style.

Thank-you, very good advice.

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